Bienvenue sur Notre Chine !
Après Notre Corée et Notre Japon, nous
poursuivons notre découverte
de l'Asie de l'Est
avec une nouvelle expatriation en famille à Shanghai.

Delphine et Philippe


(Notre Corée et Notre Japon ne sont malheureusement pas accessibles depuis la Chine pour le moment)
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22/07/2011 - Dernier mois à Shanghai : the final countdown -

Dernier mois à Shanghai : the final countdown

Fuxing parkD-29: it’s been a hard day and I’ve been working like a dog.... anyway it was raining all day! Now, an ice-cream and let’s go to bed!

D-28: raining cats and dogs in Shanghai

D-26: preparing sea shipment packing... Still raining continuously. Too bad for “La Fête de la Musique” in Shanghai

D-25: @ Christian/Greg: I've finally exchanged my Element Fresh points into a nice wine dinner for two! Thanks for your contribution over the past 2 years ;)

D-24: good pirated DVD tonight "the kids are all right", with a great Julianne Moore and a great Annette Bening... sigh... we'll miss our always smiling DVD salesman with his little van by the Starbucks!

D-22: our 180+ boxes have left our now almost empty apartment, container on its way through Chinese customs... Also, I’ve received my second and last tailor-made suit

D-21: last day at the British International School of Shanghai for Louise and Joshua. Two fantastic years enjoying the British education system! D-20: big summer party at Karine's place. For us it is like our farewell party. Everybody seems to know Sèvres and its international school... good ;)

D-19: last brunch with Delphine and the kids at Taikang Lu. They buy their last gadgets before heading back to France!

D-18: Delphine and the kids leave Shanghai this morning. Apartment a bit emptier without any furniture and now without any laughter and cries! Safe flight to you and see you very soon in France!

D-16: pork "rillettes" made by Delphine almost finished... It will soon be time to go have dinner outside! For tonight let’s have just a farewell drink with Nicolas ;)

D-14: last haircut in Asia tonight... I still remember the first one in Sorae Maeul in Seoul more than 5 years ago... It meant to me at the time: "I'm really living abroad!"

D-13: probably my last visit to Fuxing Park... under summer scorching heat, Chinese elderly people dance in open air on the old songs played by their professional sound system... Shanghai French Concession foreverFarewell gift

D-12: farewell brunch with Insead friends at Le Meridien... The brunch is called "La Vie en Rose" and nurses take good care of your health... Merci to Guido, Grace, Flora, Ming, Isabelle and Winston, it was great!

D-9: farewell gift from my Chinese team... a nice golden rabbit! Very touching!

D-8: in one week from now, I'll leave my office in Shanghai for the last time... mixed feelings...

D-7: en route to Hong Kong for my last week-end in Asia, after a nice farewell lunch yesterday with my local previous boss, my new boss and French+Chinese colleagues

D-6: last sightseeing in Asia. Visit of Cheung Chau island in HK with Cyrille. Nice little street altar, good seafood on the harbour, sweaty walk around the island, perfect!

D-5: farewell dinner (yesterday) and lunch (today) with friends in HK... and last electronic gadget bought in Asia... finally, an iPad2… what else?

D-4: movers have now packed the last few boxes that we send by air (furniture and most stuff travel by sea)... apartment a bit emptier, no more good phone for long conf calls every evening... sigh

D-3: last belly ache while living in Asia? D-1: big party for National day at “Mr and Mrs Bund”, one of the best French restaurants in Shanghai. Very nice way to end my 2-year stay in the Oriental Pearl with a big disco night and some good friends willing to dance until the end of the night... ;)

D Day: Zaijian Shanghai! Bye Bye Shanghai! Au revoir Shanghai! Expat's life is now officially over, after 6 years living in Korea, Japan and China... happy to be back to France!

D Day: hello Paris! Bonjour Paris! Landed on time, went through customs and luggage like a breeze, good start! As usual, what strikes me when I arrive in France is the beauty of the various cloud shapes in blue sky. 26deg, Friday evening, holiday starts, back home… what else? ;)

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